Spanish VAT Services is a global firm offering global solutions to its clients

VAT is clearly an international tax, so local advice is incomplete advice. Directives, regulations and case law in Europe must always be taken into account, and this is only possible via a firm that has a clear international commitment and activity.

Although our firm is Spanish, our services do not focus solely on Spanish legislation. We are convinced that taking an international approach to all of the transactions we are asked to analyse is pivotal to safeguarding our clients’ interests.

International VAT Association

We are members of the International VAT Association, an international association specialising in VAT, with a track record spanning over 20 years. Spanish VAT Services is an active participant in its periodic conferences.


VAT Forum CV

Spanish VAT Services is a partner of the VAT Forum CV, a partnership based in Belgium that encompasses a small number of prestigious independent specialists in indirect taxation in Europe. Our firm participates actively in the events organised by the VAT Forum CV. Our professionals are frequent speakers at its conferences, courses and seminars.


“One Stop Shop”

This intense international activity enables Spanish VAT Services to act as a one-stop shop, so that, via our partners, we can meet all our clients’ needs in all EU countries, without them having to find specialists in each country separately. We do this for and on behalf of our clients, saving them time, effort and resources.

We have partners in most EU countries and we have a close personal and professional relationship with them, developed over years of working together. This means that the relationship of trust that Spanish VAT Services has built with its clients is always safeguarded and that our clients receive the very best services, since the solutions proposed by our partners are also our solutions, as we are directly involved in them.