Independent and pioneering firm in Spain
Anagrama Spanish Vat Services


Spanish VAT Services is a pioneering, independent firm in Spain offering tax advisory services solely in the realm of indirect taxation.

We can firmly say that our firm has become the only alternative in the Spanish market to the big international auditing firms for all those companies looking for a different kind of advisory service with high quality standards and highly specialised in the field of indirect taxation.

Spanish VAT Services is the leading provider of advisory services in indirect taxation for small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the Spanish market.

We are effectively a port of entry into Spain for companies that decide to operate in our country. We offer a wide range of solutions in relation to indirect taxation for both local companies and major multinationals.

By acting as their tax representative, we are able to manage their VAT obligations, coordinate their communications and all kinds of relations with the Tax Authority, or manage their VAT payments or refunds, not only in Spain but also in other countries, since we have a broad network of partners in all EU countries, all of whom are experts in indirect taxation. We are a global company, and as such we can provide global solutions.


Our clients are primarily companies that conduct their activities in various jurisdictions and require expert and specialist advice regarding the potential impact of the various indirect taxes on these activities.

Our client portfolio includes, but is not limited to, logistics companies, major international retailers, financial institutions, organisers of events in Spain and e-commerce operators.

In view of the complexity of the topic, particularly when it comes to cross-border transactions involving various economic operators, we also provide our services to consultants and law firms that require our assistance as experts in indirect taxation. In such cases, we always have the utmost respect for the relationship between these consultants and attorneys and their clients.

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