International transactions mean complying with an array of formal and disclosure obligations. We will file your VAT returns with the Tax Authority, and manage your payments and refunds.

We also provide advisory and consultancy services. Any concerns or queries you may have will be resolved swiftly and professionally, always seeking the solution best suited to your business.

We are aware that a particular kind of advice that may work for a company in the logistics sector, may not be the most appropriate for a financial institution or an insurer. Accordingly, Spanish VAT Services undertakes to offer a solution tailored to your particular case and situation. We firmly believe that no two companies are alike and, consequently, neither should there be two identical ways of providing advice.

Our activity includes reviewing and drafting national and international contracts. Once signed, contracts are binding on all parties, so a comprehensive review before signing, and specifically a review of tax-related clauses, can often prevent future problems that might otherwise translate into expenses and onerous liabilities that could have been avoided.

With the right advice, the impact of VAT on a business must be neutral. We can help you to achieve this.