VAT and E-commerce

Each year we help thousands of online vendors comply with their VAT Compliance obligations. We are able to extract your sales data, interpret them, and prepare the VAT returns you are required to file.

Spanish companies with business outside Spain
Non-Spanish companies with business in Spain

Depending on the nature of your business, we will help you file local VAT returns, OSS / IOSS one-stop-shop returns, and stock movement returns. Additionally, you will have to comply with further obligations such as identifying your online store for VAT purposes in different countries and keeping record books of all your sales.


At Spanish VAT Services we help marketplaces determine their role in online sales and their VAT responsibility for the sales that e-commerce operators make through their interfaces.


We provide personalised advisory and representation services for each and every one of our clients when needed. Not all transactions can be automated. Depending on the particular conditions of each transaction, you may need advice on how your sales should be taxed and what your obligations are in terms of declarations and payments.