EXPERTISE IN International VAT|International trade|Indirect taxation

Pioneering and independent firm in Spain offering tax advisory services solely in the realm of indirect taxation

Tax representation

We handle your relations and communications with the Tax Authority


Value Added Tax

File your VAT returns with the Tax Authority, and manage your payments and refunds


Tax Proceedings

The professionals include practising attorneys to uphold the interests of our clients before the various bodies and tribunals


Customs duties, duty suspension arrangements and VAT on imports of means of transport

We have the experience to advise on and design this kind of transaction.


Excise duties

We are specializing in the realm of the Excise duty on hydrocarbons, Excise duty on certain means of transport and the Excise duty on alcohol and derivative beverages.


Other indirect taxes

There are a number of local or regional indirect levies, fees and duties applicable to all kinds of activities such as the production of certain kinds of energy, the use of public domains,…