International transactions with goods

International sale-purchase transactions in goods involving third-party states (non-members of the EU) produce customs obligations that can have a significant impact on commercial margins.

Customs duties are not subject to refunds or deductions, so it is particularly important to anticipate all tax implications for such operations well ahead, otherwise, unexpected costs may arise that adversely affect your company’s bottom line.

And it is not only international goods transactions that can have customs implications. The international movement of means of transport, most notably shipping vessels, can also have serious customs and tax implications which in some cases can even lead to the vehicle or vessel being immobilised. These unfortunate situations can be avoided by seeking the right advice.

Spanish VAT Services has the experience to advise on and design this kind of transaction in the most beneficial way for you and all the parties involved.

Our services also include advice and planning in regard to the implementation of customs and excise duty suspension arrangements (bonded and fiscal warehouses, inward processing relief, goods under transit etc.) for companies involved in the international movement of goods. We also handle the applications to the authorities for such arrangements.